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A Train 9 Extended Edition TiNYiSO


The faszinating and prominent ingame freedom, commercial complexity and countless options as well as the enthralling dynamic for the player (which guarantees for each strategy a new city development) offers first class gaming experiences. The player is responsible for the fate of a whole area including cities and periphery as well as the fate of his company, City planning, clever rail track planning including logistics, stations and depots. In lovely crafted 3D graphic the player is designing and managing the perfect city with short walking ways, perfect infrastructure for everyone and trains delayed no longer than 30 sec. Successful player will have the chance to start an energy revolution with secure and clean Energy. You have the chance to manage the passenger traffic and commercial transport also for regions without rail track. Many City maps, inspired by the worlds metropolis, a prominent commercial system (more than 180 marketable Values at the virtual stock exchange), dozens of building options, high tech trains, future technologies, dynamic city development and high longterm motivation guarantee hours of game and build-up fun.


Sophisticated management system with many details
Over 30 trains, buses and trucks
30 maps & City Layouts
120 different types of buildings
Well-known buildings like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Empire State Building
Stock market with 120 companies
Day and night cycle
Extensive in-game help

Train Giant Boston
The new DLC presents “Boston” one of the most interesting international ports. The DLC offers exciting scenarios in the scale replica of Massachusetts Bay – from the secluded cove to the distinguished Boston – 3 amazing tasks are waiting for the “New England Consulting Group.

Train Giant Shanghai
In the first DLC for „Train Giant“ the city of Shanghai is waiting for you. Living A-Train legend Tom.Io himself has created this map. Right up to the exactly recreated Metro system this city was built after satellite data and aerial images. Attention: Don`t ignore the Metro! Optimize trains and schedules to gain the maximum of possible profits!

Gener: Simulation
Publisher: UIG Entertainment

Release Name: A-Train.9.Extended.Edition-TiNYiSO
Size: 900 MB