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The gameplay stayed the same as in the first game. ButAssassin’s Creed II doesn’t just strengthen the original – it starts over from scratch. The town missions now less difficult more varied, challenging and integrated with all the narrative. Ezio doesn’t go out pick-pocketing or eavesdropping for information; his missions are lengthier affairs that engage a lot ofhis talents simultaneously.The controls for Ezio aren’t much

different from those for Altaïr, the chief assassin in the last game. Running, jumping and climbing are all handled nearly automatically – you hold the correct trigger down and run in the direction you wish to go, and your assassin will begin automagically navigating any obstacle in their path. The challenge isn’t in timing your moves with precision, it’s in scanning the area around you and locating a path that may carry you safely in yourdestination.The gameplay

is truly addictive as it keeps dangling carrots within your face, urging one to play just a little more. In fact, it’s not merely carrots but a complete cornucopia of root vegetables: Want to do a story mission? Or else, how about performing a contract hit? Or starting a rooftop race, finding a hidden MacGuffin or climbing to a different magnificent viewpoint? The options are available, and much more often these days I chose “all in the above” until it absolutely was 2 each day.I’d be remiss

if I didn’t mention the storyplot that’s laid over Assassin’s Creed II’s main gameplay. You’re not a 15th-century Italian assassin; you’re is a 21st-century American assassin playing your personal computer simulation of an 15th-century Italian assassin.

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