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Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne PC Mediafire Full Free Download

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Download Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne PC Full Game Free [MediaFire]
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Just like the original, War Craft III: Frozen Throne has wonderful controls that are smooth and really intuitive. In addition to the game adds an entire slew of recent things for players to control, from units to heroes. Beauty of it is the story covers right form where it left off inside original game, so players are certain to get the opportunity to understand the aftermath and what new evil is creeping in the world.
One other good thing about this game is that you simply will not lose interest with a a lot of extra repetition. Of course this is an RTS game, players will only be doing that about 50% of that time period. Sometimes players will have to scout and discover different objects, stop a military with nothing but two heroes and watchtowers, as well as other things. This may cause the game last a lot longer and itreally shows.Graphics: 9.5Seeing as the game is definitely an expansion pack, it uses a similar graphics engine as the previous game did, and that is not a bad thing in any respect. The game still stands the exam of time and is one of the best RTS games around. Also each of the FMVs that gamers will discover are exceptionally done! Blizzard is one of the best companies at creating them, and itshows.Sound: 9.5The sounds still sound great! Blizzard even has new sounds and voice actors

for all of the new characters. The modern voice characterizations really flow with the rest of the game and fit perfectly. The game sounds really great on my sound card, and i also know several of you have better sound systems on their own PC than I actually do, so it is guaranteed to sound better yet!Difficulty: Medium

Should you played Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, you should have no trouble obtaining the basics with this game. It’s going to have its challenges, however it will be nothing players cannot overcome with patience.Concept: 9.4

Blizzard has added new heroes

that actually mesh well along with the rest of the game, and it is hard for many developers to achieve that. In addition to the story is basically enthralling! Another runaway success for Blizzard!

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