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worms 2 PC Game Torrent

Worms 2 is an artillery game, which is a subgenre of strategy game developed by Team17 as part of the Worms series. The player controls a team of up to eight worms in combat against opposing teams.
The game features the same premise as the original game, and involves controlling an army of worms and using a collection of eclectic weaponry such as bazookas, dynamite, grenades, cluster bombs, homing missile, banana bombs and the infamous holy hand grenade. These are among the basic weapons used to eliminate the opposing team(s) of worms. It features a completely new graphics system, going for a cartoon style, which has remained for the rest of the series.
Minimum CPU Type: PentiumMinimum CPU Speed: 75 MHzMinimum RAM Required: 16 MBMinimum Hard Disk Space: 50 MBGraphics Type: SVGAGraphics Resolution: 640x480Color Depth: 256 Colors